I am so pleased to inform you of the brilliant result. My daughter achieved a 6 ! We thank God for this excellent news and I also wish to thank you so very very much for your kind and patient and thorough tuition which, after just three or four lessons, had such an immense impact on her understanding of the subject and technique required that she was able to jump from a 3 to a 6.

T. K.  –  English  (GCSE)  –  January 2024  

 Thank you for all your work with our daughter, your kindness and patience have been priceless and we truly value the time you have spent with her.

L. G.  –  Spelling  (KS2)  –  December 2023  

 My daughter is settling well into senior school and is doing well in maths. She got exceptional for all areas in maths. We are so proud and thank you for your support and enabling.

L. S.  –  Maths  (KS2)  –  October 2023  

 My son is loving this course! It's been amazing to see the difference in him and his attitude to work!

H. C.  –  Science  (KS3)  –  October 2023  

 The lesson was perfect for my son. So encouraging.

K. B.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  September 2023  

 Debra Dunstan–Sewell was brilliant. She didn't tutor my daughter all the way through the course ‐ just the last month or so before the exams, but she is very familiar with the course and the different exam boards. My daughter got a 9, but it was definitely Debra building her confidence, diagnosing problem areas and showing how to tackle harder questions that got her there.

K. A.  –  Maths  (IGCSE)  –  September 2023  

 My daughter said she had a really good lesson. She said with previous teachers, she could never say that she didn't understand because she was embarressed and they would make her feel bad. She says she feels she can comfortably tell you that she doesn't understand something because you don't make her feel bad. You'll try and explain it another way and not make her feel silly or embarressed. Which is surely the key to being able to learn.

T. U.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  September 2023  

 I've been moved up to the top set for maths.

A. B.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  September 2023  

 Appreciate your time and patience with my kids.

D. H.  –  Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths  (IGCSE)  –  September 2023  

 We started adding in columns in school this week and my teacher asked me how come I was so good at it, so I told her that I've been doing it with you.

M. N.  –  Maths  (KS2)  –  June 2023  

 Thank you so so so so much for the things you said in the biology class yesterday. I had just popped into my son's room to find his key and overheard your comments on some of the craziness surrounding biological gender identity. I felt very blessed that he has you as his teacher. Thank you.

T. R.   –  Biology  (IGCSE)  –  March 2023  

 In my mock SATS, I got 20/20 for spelling and 39/40 for the arithmatic.

Z. M.  –  English and Maths  (KS2)  –  March 2023  

 My science teacher called me aside at the end of the last lesson and told me that I'm moving up to the top set.

A. B.  –  Science  (KS3)  –  March 2023  

 We had my daughter's parents' evening and her teacher was really pleased with her progress. She was at Y2 reading level when she started Y4, and she had progressed through Y3 standard to now be working towards Y4. Hopefully by the end of the academic year she will have caught up. Thank you so much for your patience and diligence with our daughter ‐ all efforts are having an impact and the desired result!

L. G.  –  English  (KS2)  –  February 2023  

 Thank you for tutoring my daughter this evening. You've filled her with confidence that she'll be OK for the exams.

V. C.  –  Maths  (IGCSE)  –  February 2023  

 The three girls who had physics tuition from you have all gone on to study physics at A level.

J. C.  –  Physics  (IGCSE)  –  March 2023  

 My daughter had a 7 for her mocks which is fantastic, and she felt quite confident too. Her teacher was pleased with her hard work and progress, so thank you for your guidance.

L. P.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  January 2023  

 Thank you for making maths so enjoyable for my son.

C. T.  –  Maths  (KS3)  –  December 2022  

 My daughter did a higher tier biology paper recently and was told yesterday she achieved a grade 6. Both of us are very pleased and I would like to thank you again for these tutorials.

M. A.  –  Combined Science  (GCSE)  –  December 2022  

 Thank you again for your lessons. My son is really enjoying them.

T. R.   –  Biology and Chemistry  (IGCSE)  –  December 2022  

 My daughter seems to be very positive about the sessions with you. I think she feels intimidated by her school teachers, who are both men. I am very gald to have found a female tutor. She feels comfortable with you.

K. N.  –  Physics  (A Level)  –  November 2022  

 Thank you for the tutorial with my son this evening. He felt he learnt a lot.

J. C.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  November 2022  

 Thank you for your help so far, my daughter is really starting to feel more confident in the areas you have covered so far.

M. A.  –  Combined Science  (GCSE)  –  November 2022  

 Thank you Debra for all your help getting our tribe through their exams!

R. L.  –  Maths  (IGCSE)  –  November 2022  

 My daughter got grade 8 in maths and 9, 8 in combined science.

S. C.  –  Maths and science  (GCSE)  –  August 2022  

 My daughter got a grade 5 in maths which is enough for her to move on to college. Thank you from both of us for your support over a very difficult year.

A. D. C.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  August 2022  

 My daughter got biology 6, physics 7, maths 6 and chemistry 8.

M. O'B.  –  GCSE  (Biology, Physics, Maths and Chemistry)  –  August 2022  

 My son got a grade 7. He really appreciates the help you have given him. He doesn't think he would have acheived what he did without your help.

D. H.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  August 2022  

 I got 6 in biology and physics, 7 in chemistry and an 8 in maths. Thank you for everything Debra!!

I. Mc. C.  –  Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Maths  (GCSE)  –  August 2022  

 7 for biology and physics and 6 for maths and chemistry. My daughter is super happy with her results. Thank you for all your help.

M. P.  –  Biology, Physics, Maths and Chemistry  (GCSE)  –  August 2022  

 I got 7s in physics and chemistry and an 8 in biology and a 6 in math which is better than I expected.

K. W.  –  Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths  (GCSE)  –  August 2022  

 Thank you so much for all the help over the past 4 years, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you!

H. C.  –  Maths  (IGCSE)  –  August 2022  

 We couldn't be more pleased with your support.

Q. S.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  August 2022  

 Thank you for all your support with our daughter. It has made such a difference to her over the years!!

V. C.  –  Maths  (IGCSE)  –  August 2022  

 I just want to thank you as I wouldn't have gotten the results if you didn't tutor and help me with science and maths.

A. A.  –  Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Maths  (GCSE)  –  August 2022  

 I got a 6 in maths! Thank you for all your help as I definitely wouldn't have been able to do it without you.

P. B.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  August 2022  

 We feel that our daughter has really benefited and progressed under your help, support and expert tuition.

S. F.  –  English and Maths  (KS3)  –  July 2022  

 A big thank you for all you are doing with our daughter. We got her report and she is age related where she needs to be and her teacher said, "It has clicked and she gets it".

L. S.  –  Maths  (KS2)  –  July 2022  

 Thank you for being my incredible maths teacher. You were so patient and I'm so sad our lessons have ended.

K. F.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  July 2022  

 Thank you for all your help with both my daughters. They are definitely both more confident in their maths than they have ever been!

C. M.  –  Maths  (GCSE and KS3)  –  July 2022  

 Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher. Our daughter has loved learning with you and I know she's going to miss you a lot. I could tell she was quite sad to say goodbye today.

R. F.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  July 2022  

 Thank you for all your input into our daughter's English and maths. I can see a great improvement in both her confidence and ability, especially in English which is the subject she has always found hardest.

S. F.  –  English and Maths  (KS3)  –  June 2022  

 Thank you so much for your support of our daughter with her maths exam. It has been a difficult year and you have been a steadying force in the storm.

A. D.C.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  June 2022  

 Thank you for all your hard work. It's made a huge difference.

Q. S.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  June 2022  

 I just want to thank you so much for your patience in tutoring my grandaughter and getting her though her maths exam.

S. O'N.  –  Maths  (Functional Skills)  –  June 2022  

 My daughter has really enjoyed learning with Debra. As a parent it was reassuring to know her learning needs were met without much input from us as her parents.

R. A‐R.  –  Physics, Biology and Chemistry  (GCSE)  –  June 2022  

 I would like to make a recommendation for Debra Dunstan‐Sewell as a tutor. My daughter sat her Edexcel IGCSE maths last November. She had completed the course but was really lacking in confidence. We approached Debra for some tutoring in the run up to the exam and it was incredibly helpful. Debra was very good in terms of content and quality and tailoring for what my daughter needed. She was also great at providing extra videos and material to practice and she targeted the approach to my daughter's particular needs. The other thing that was excellent was that my daughter said, completely unprompted, "I like her ‐ I feel that I can work with her." My daughter can be a bit shy and lacking in confidence, but she felt "safe" with Debra and that made such a difference. My daughter got a grade 9 in the end and she said she couldn't have done it without Debra. I am a former secondary school teacher btw but not maths.

K. A.  –  Maths  (IGCSE)  –  May 2022  

 I am pleased to say that my daughter has passed her recent maths exam, she was over the moon.

E. O'N.  –  Maths  (Functional Skills )  –  May 2022  

 Thank you so much for letting us join the KS3 chemistry lesson! It was really helpful and if only I'd had lovely clear teaching like that for chemistry GCSE! They are a lovely group of children too and I love the way you use stickers to explain how the equations weren't balanced.

K. B.  –  Chemistry  (KS3)  –  May 2022  

 Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into helping me with my SATS. It's really appreciated by me, my mum and school. Next week is SATS and I will be sure to use all of the knowledge that you have given me over these past few months.

K. D.  –  Maths and English  (KS2)  –  May 2022  

 My son gained a grade 8 in Physics and a grade 6 for Chemistry. I think he did exceptionally well, having come from a somewhat unconfident start.

A. M.  –  Physics and Chemistry  (IGCSE)  –  March 2022  

 Your tutoring was amazing ‐ several of the things we worked on came up and I wouldn't have been able to even attempt them properly if it wasn't for you!

A. A.   –  Maths  (IGCSE)  –  February 2022  

 I got a grade 9 in my maths! I'm incredibly happy right now and I know I couldn't have done it without your tutoring. Even when I didn't manage to finish the question, I was able to attempt it and I think that gave me enough marks. Thank you so much! I prayed before and during the exam and Jesus kept me calm enough to think and use the knowledge you'd given me!

A. A.  –  Maths  (IGCSE)  –  February 2022  

 Thanks for tutoring my son. He seems to be more confident now.

R. M.  –  Physics, Biology and Chemistry  (IGCSE)  –  February 2022  

 My daughter seems to be really enjoying her lessons with you.

R. F.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  February 2022  

 I can see that my son is benefiting from his times with you.

Z. B.  –  Maths  (IGCSE)  –  February 2022  

 My son just got off the Zoom meeting and said, "Maths is my favourite subject." His confidence is growing and for that I am thankful.

A. M.  –  Maths  (KS2)  –  January 2022  

 My daughter's been enjoying the group.

M. F.  –  Science  (KS3)  –  January 2022  

 My son said he really enjoyed the session.

A. M.  –  Maths  (KS2)  –  January 2022  

 I just wanted to say a big thank you again for helping my daughter, she has improved so much with maths and especially creative writing.

M. M.  –  Maths and Creative Writing  ( 11+ and Entrance Exams)  –  January 2022  

 My daughter has had a good report at parents' evening. She's doing really well.

R. A.  –  Physics, Chemistry and Biology  (GCSE)  –  January 2022  

 My daughter really enjoyed the class and is looking forward to next week. You have such a clear, calm and patient manner, which is extremely helpful.

D. E.   –  Maths  (KS3)  –  January 2022  

 My daughter did very well in her ISEB common entrance exam. She's been invited for interviews with 5 different schools. Thank you so much, Debra. She wouldn't be able to do it without you.

M. M.  –  Maths, English, Verbal and Non‐Verbal Reasoning  ( 11+ ISEB Entrance Exam)  –  January 2022  

 My son got a grade 7 in his biology exam. He hardly did any work for it, so his result must have been down to Debra's input.

N. S.  –  Biology  (GCSE)  –  December 2021  

 Another big thank you for your continued support. My daughter has been offered a 6th form place at Bristol Grammar School. She had to sit small exams and have interviews with the heads of subjects, so she is one step closer to studying medicine!

M. O'B.  –  Physics, Biology and Chemistry  (GCSE)  –  December 2021  

 Thank you for tutoring my daughter this term. Her marks in maths at school have already improved.

C. C.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  December 2021  

 Thanks for all your work with my daughter, it's really helping.

C. M.  –  Maths  (KS3)  –  December 2021  

 I got grade 7 in my maths mock and a grade 6 for physics.

I. Mc. C.  –  Maths and Physics  (GCSE)  –  December 2021  

 You have been brilliant for my son and daughter, and although my daughter will not do maths or sciences at A level, my son and my youngest will, so we hope to continue with you for many years to come.

M. P.  –  Maths and Science  (GCSE and KS3)  –  December 2021  

 Thank you for all the work you have done with my daughter, she feels a lot more confident in maths and science and she also really enjoys the tutorials.

M. P.  –  Maths and Science  (GCSE)  –  December 2021  

 I did really well in my maths test on vectors, proportion and 3D trigonometry and I got 88% That's the best mark that I've ever had.

K. W.  –  Maths  (IGCSE)  –  December 2021  

 We had a test on what we studied in our tutorial last week and I got the highest mark in the class. That's better than coming bottom like I used to.

E. C.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  December 2021  

 My daughter thinks that the maths papers went OK. She said, "I couldn't have done them without Debra! She has really enjoyed her tutorials with you and found them extremenly helpful. My only regret is that we didn't contact you sooner. So thank you for what you have done with her.

K. A.  –  Maths  (IGCSE)  –  November 2021  

 Very proud, my daughter had a GCSE physics paper and scored a 9! Thank you so much as you've helped her so much.

M. O'B.  –  Physics  (GCSE)  –  November 2021  

 We value the input and outcomes that your time undoubtably has on our daughter and would very much like to continue.

V. C.  –  Maths and Science  (IGCSE)  –  October 2021  

 My son enjoyed the lesson.

C. M.  –  Science  (KS3)  –  October 2021  

 Thank you Debra, my son really enjoyed last week's lesson.

C. P.  –  Science  (KS3)  –  September 2021  

 My daughter enjoyed the group a lot! Thank you. I wish I'd had interactive, engaging science lessons. I might have learnt something!

M. T.  –  Science  (KS3)  –  September 2021  

 Thank you so much! My daughter really enjoyed the group and commented that you were so patient. The level was exactly right for her.

D. D.  –  Science  (KS3)  –  September 2021  

 My son said he enjoyed the group. Thank you.

K. W.  –  Science  (KS3)  –  September 2021  

 Thank you Debra for this lesson this morning. My daughter liked being in your group. We especially found the videos brilliant. I appreciate the style of conduct and your control over the group.

M. B.  –  Science  (KS3)  –  September 2021  

 Debra has been teaching Science, using Zoom, to my home‐educated daughter for a couple of years now. She has a lovely, calm manner, with a sound knowledge of her subject. My daughter enjoys her lessons.

M. T.  –  Science  (KS3)  –  September 2021  

 My daughter enjoyed her tutorial.

C. M.  –  Maths  (KS3)  –  September 2021  

 Debra tutored my eldest, who took physics IGCSE in January and got an 8. They only worked together for a term, but that work certainly had a big impact.

Z. S.  –  Physics  (IGCSE)  –  September 2021  

 I want to personally say THANK YOU for helping the student to pass her IGCSE physics, for helping her with her English and with her entrance exam for 6th form collecge. The student's mum has many good things to say about you, your ways of tutoring and your relationships with the children. I am thankful it ended in great IGCSE results. I will continue to recommend your service.

I. I.  –  Science and English  (IGCSE)  –  September 2021  

 Grades: 8, 9, 9. You obviously did a very good job with the three students.

S. B.  –  Physics  (IGCSE)  –  August 2021  

 I got my results and all my sciences are 9s and my English Language and Literature are both A*. I wanted to say thank you for helping me improve so much and I couldn't have done it without you.

F. M.  –  Science and English  (IGCSE)  –  August 2021  

 Thank you so much for all the tutoring. It has been really great to get to know you. Both boys say that they have learned a lot!!

K. H.  –  Maths and English  (Functional Skills)  –  August 2021  

 Many thanks again for all your input with the three physics pupils. I am very pleased for them as they have achieved two grade 9s and a grade 8.

J. G.  –  Physics  (IGCSE)  –  August 2021  

 I got a grade 9. Thank you for teaching me in the last year – I don't think I could have got that grade without you.

K. S.  –  Physics  (IGCSE)  –  August 2021  

 I got a grade 9. Thank you for teaching us these past few months.

K. D.  –  Physics  (IGCSE)  –  August 2021  

 I got an 8! I don't think I would have been able to get that without you, so thank you very much.

R. M.  –  Physics  (IGCSE)  –  August 2021  

 I got grade 5 which is more than I was expecting, so I'm very happy. Thank you so much for all your help.

E. H.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  August 2021  

 I got grade 5.

T. M.  –  Chemistry  (GCSE)  –  August 2021  

 I got a grade 5 in maths! Thank you for all your help. I know I wouldn't have passed otherwise.

J. T.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  August 2021  

 Just to let you know that my daughter got grade 6 in maths. Thank you again for all your help.

K. K.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  August 2021  

 Thanks for being a great teacher.

D. D.  –  Maths and Science  (KS3)  –  July 2021  

 Thank you for all your support and hard work.

C. L.  –  Maths  (KS3)  –  July 2021  

 Thanks for being a lovely tutor.

R. F.  –  Maths  (IGCSE)  –  July 2021  

 My daughter enjoys the lessons and hopefully it will continue to help her stay positive about maths.

L. N.  –  Maths  (KS2)  –  July 2021  

 My daughter got 55% in her maths test yesterday – an improvement on her previous 33%. She seems to enjoy her time with you very much.

C. Q.  –  Maths  (KS3)  –  July 2021  

 We would like to continue with the weekly lessons please as they definitely make a difference.

J. N.  –  Maths and English  (KS1)  –  July 2021  

 My son has done fantastically well in his end of year maths test, and he credits his tutorials with you for this.

M. P.  –  Maths  (KS3)  –  June 2021  

 You're the best maths tutor in the whole world.

C. S.  –  Maths  (KS2)  –  June 2021  

 My son's teacher phoned up, especially to tell me that my son has really improved in using the maths techniques. The teacher said, " Whatever the tutor has been doing – keep on doing it."

A. S.  –  Maths  (KS2)  –  June 2021  

 I passed my maths mock.

H. C.  –  Maths  (IGCSE)  –  May 2021  

 I got 17 out of 19 in my test of all the equations which I need to know.

P. B.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  June 2021  

 I've just moved up from set 5 to set 4, because I did well in my exam.

N. A.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  June 2021  

 Thank you for today. My daughter had a great time with you and said she's excited about next week.

M. M.  –  Maths and English  ( 11+ and Entrance Exams)  –  May 2021  

 I want to say a big thank you for helping my daughter. She couldn't do it without you. You helped her a lot with her entrance exam for 16+. With your help she managed to secure a place at Marlborough College for her A‐levels. We are very grateful for all your help. She said she is going to miss you.

M. M.  –  English and Science  ( 16+ Entrance and UKISET)  –  May 2021  

 Thank you for your patience throughout my son's lessons. I am grateful for the tips that you taught him and I hope he'll continue applying it through his academics.

J. C.   –  Creative Writing, 11+, Entrance Exams  (KS2)  –  May 2021  

 Thanks for being such an amazing teacher and for all the great lessons.

T. M.  –  Chemistry  (GCSE)  –  May 2021  

 My son thoroughly enjoyed his lesson with you. He came out of it smiling and enthused.

A. M.   –  Physics  (IGCSE)  –  May 2021  

 Oh wow! That's EXACTLY what we did in school today. That sounds perfect. I know that the student's parents think a lot of you and the student has referenced you quite a bit in class. It sounds like we're on the same page.

C. S.  –  Maths  (KS2)  –  May 2021  

 I am truly very grateful for all your input with the three girls. It's been such a blessing to know that they are in capable hands and I think they are all well prepared. Praising God for His provision!

J. G.  –  Physics  (IGCSE)  –  May 2021  

 Thank you for helping me throughout the past five years! It will feel weird not having maths on a Wednesday any more.

M. K.   –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  April 2021  

 Thank you for all your help with this student. It is wonderful to see how much progress he has made in a short time. His parents have said how impressed they have been by your teaching.

J. T.  –  Chemistry  (GCSE)  –  April 2021  

 My daughter seems really tuned in and likes her sessions with Debra.

P. D.  –  Maths  (KS2)  –  April 2021  

 My daughter's making great progress with maths. Her sessions with you are making a big difference to her confidence. Thanks so much for your patience and kindness with her.

S. M.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  March 2021  

 Thank you for really boosting my daughter's confidence and learning in science. She is doing really well and has achieved really good marks in her exams.

M. P.  –  Science  (GCSE)  –  March 2021  

 My daughter has struggled in some educational areas due to (mild) dyslexia, but I feel she really doesn't let this hold her back, and your guidance helps her consolidate and explore further herself.

M. O'B.  –  Science and Maths  (GCSE)  –  March 2021  

 My son has SO enjoyed his lessons with you. He really has appreciated your calm and kind personality, and learnt a great deal from you. Thank you so much.

S. D.  –  Maths  (KS3)  –  March 2021  

 Thank you so much for tonight's tutorial. My daughter was very downcast after her test and she now feels much better. Really boosted her confidence.

V. C.  –  Maths  (IGCSE)  –  March 2021  

 My daughter got grade 7 in her Biology IGCSE. Thank you for your extra support with the maths side of biology.

H. W.  –  Biology  (IGCSE)  –  March 2021  

 My son has really enjoyed the lessons he's had. He's been excited to tell us what he's been learning.

L. M.  –  Maths and Science  (KS1)  –  March 2021  

 I got a grade 5 in my mock!

I. M.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  March 2021  

 My daughter got an 8 in her physics IGCSE. Thanks very much for all your work with her.

Z. S.  –  Physics  (IGCSE)  –  March 2021  

 I got grade 9 in my chemistry. Thank you.

L. H.  –  Chemistry  (IGCSE)  –  February 2021  

 My son got a grade 7 in IGCSE physics. Thank you for your support and for suggesting the switch from Cambridge to Edexcel.

D. M.  –  Physics  (IGCSE)  –  February 2021  

 I got a grade 9 in my biology, so thank you so much for tutoring me.

H. B.  –  Biology  (IGCSE)  –  February 2021  

 The student had his annual review last week and I was asked to pass on his family's sincere thanks to you for all your hard work with him. They have been extremely impressed with the lessons and are very happy with his progress. I realise that you have a difficult job trying to teach a GCSE syllabus in just one year, especially to someone who had received little education beforehand, so it is wonderful to see the student engaged and making so much progress.

S. T.  –  Chemistry  (GCSE)  –  February 2021  

 My daughter is really enjoying your lessons and is finding it is especially beneficial at the moment [during lockdown].

C. J.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  January 2021  

 My daughter loved Tuesday's session and is looking forward to the next.

J. N.  –  Maths  (KS1)  –  January 2021  

 Thank you so much for all the great maths lessons you've given our son - we feel very lucky to have found you.

E. D.  –  Maths  (KS3)  –  December 2020  

 Thank you for working with my son and daughter over the past year. Both are more confident and my son has moved up to set 1 and is doing well there. I did offer them the opportunity to stop their tutorials but they said no, because they really enjoy them.

M. P.  –  Maths and Science  (KS3 and GCSE)  –  December 2020  

 Thank you for all the help you are giving my daughter – she really enjoys the sessions and finds them beneficial.

R.O'B  –  Maths and Science  (GCSE)  –  December 2020  

 Thank you for all your help.  The time spent has really boosted my son's confidence. He felt he did well on last week's paper.

D. M.  –  Chemistry  (IGCSE)  –  November 2020  

 Definitely been great for my daughter – given her a lot of confidence.

H. B.  –  Biology  (GCSE)  –  November 2020  

 My daughter is doing really well in adjusting to school, and the maths and science that she's done with you have been a huge part of that, so really grateful to have you helping her, as you are.

S. M.  –  Maths and Science  (GCSE)  –  October 2020  

 Your tutoring was really helpful and gave her the confidence to do it.

S. C.  –  Biology  (GCSE)  –  August 2020  

 My son's maths teacher at school wasn't great. Your tutoring helped enormously.

B. E.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  August 2020  

 Our daughter achieved a grade 5 in her maths today. We are over the moon with the result and it wouldn't have been possible without your help. We are so grateful to you.

J. C.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  August 2020  

 Debra has assisted my 11 year old with both Maths and English. My daughter has made really good progress and has enjoyed her tutorials. In turn her overall confidence has grown, which is great as she shortly starts secondary school.

M. S.  –  English and Maths  (KS2)  –  July 2020  

 We all love how calm and patient you are, and it's exactly what suits our son!

S. D.  –  Maths  (KS3)  –  June 2020  

 My son hugely enjoyed his lesson with you again yesterday.

S. D.  –  Maths  (KS3)  –  May 2020  

 My son really enjoyed his session on Friday. He said he found it nicely stretching!

R. W.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  April 2020  

 We did some calming thoughts beforehand as she was feeling overwhelmed before anything had even started. She was pleased after the session and you were really patient which was great.

J. H.  –  Maths  (KS2)  –  April 2020  

 My daughter really does enjoy the maths sessions with you. It is giving her so much more confidence. We too have seen a change in her attitude and determination, especially to focus on things that don't come easily.

V. C.  –  Maths  (KS3)  –  April 2020  

 My son really enjoyed the session this morning.

J. H.  –  Maths  (KS2)  –  March 2020  

 Thank you for all your tutoring with my son. He really connected with you and found your teaching style and explanations very helpful. I am very grateful for all your help.

D. W.  –  Maths and Science  (GCSE)  –  March 2020  

 My daughter has gained such confidence and has really made progress. She has loved having lessons with you.

J. C.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  March 2020  

 My son found the tutorial very useful.

A. P.  –  Physics  (A-Level)  –  March 2020  

 My son did really did well under your tuition.

B. E.  –  Maths and Science  (GCSE)  –  March 2020  

 My daughter has really enjoyed the tutoring with you, saying you are a very good and calm teacher and I am truly grateful to you.

J. V.  –  Science  (GCSE)  –  March 2020  

 My daughter really enjoyed the online tutorial this evening.

V. C.  –  Maths and Science  (KS3)  –  March 2020  

 I've just got grade 7 in my GCSE biology mock. Before I came to you, I was getting grade 2.

M. C.  –  Biology  (GCSE)  –  March 2020  

 My son was moved up to set 1 this term…he really enjoys the sessions with you and is learning a huge amount. He moved up because he did really well in his last test, which was algebra.

M. P.  –  Maths  (KS3)  –  February 2020  

 The girls have highly valued your teaching and have really enjoyed learning with you.

N. B.  –  Science  (KS3)  –  January 2020  

 My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her time with you and speaks very highly of you as a teacher, so thank you for inspiring her and helping her to gain confidence.

S. M  –  Maths and Science  (IGCSE)  –  January 2020  

 My son has found the tutorial very helpful.

M.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  December 2019  

 My son says that he understands competely the A level topic once you explain it to him, but he gets lost in the way his teacher teaches it.

B. W.  –  Physics  (A-Level)  –  October 2019  

 My daughter took the higher level paper and passed her maths!! She was so thrilled and it meant so much to her.

S. G-M.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  September 2019  

 My son said that school made everything boring and too simple compared with your tutoring.

B. I.  –  Science  (IGCSE)  –  September 2019  

 Thank you very much for supporting me with my physics work, it really helped to boost my confidence, especially in the complex year 13 topics. I am not sure I could have gotten an A without your help.

C. H.  –  Physics  (A-Level)  –  August 2018  

 Thanks so much for all you are doing with the group, my son really enjoys the lessons.

S. W.  –  Science  (IGCSE)  –  June 2019  

 Thank you for tutoring my daughter for the last few months, she has really enjoyed the sessions.

R. A-R.  –  Science  (IGCSE)  –  June 2019  

 Thank you for all your help with my daughter's IGCSE maths. It's really made a difference. Her maths teacher is now trying to persuade her to do AS level maths next year.

C. C.  –  Maths  (IGCSE)  –  May 2019  

 My daughter has had some good news this week. In her latest maths test, her mark was 60%, which is a huge improvement on her last result. So, thank you. Your work with her is really making a huge difference.

I. R.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  May 2019  

 Thank you very much for all your help with my daughter's maths. She has really gained confidence and is much happier as a result.

A. L.  –  Maths  (KS1)  –  May 2019  

 Thank you very much for all your time spent with my son teaching him to have fun with writing!

A. W.  –  English  (KS2)  –  March 2019  

 Thank you for everything and for being the nicest maths teacher I've ever had.

B.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  March 2019  

 Thank you so much for today, my daughter was grinning so much when she answered and understood the questions.

E. M.  –  Maths  (KS1)  –  February 2019  

 My husband and I are so grateful to you for all the work you've done with our daughter. You are a truly gifted teacher and have been the reason for her dramatic improvement in maths. She thoroughly enjoys her time with you!

E. W.  –  Maths  (KS3)  –  January 2019  

 My daughter enjoyed her first tutorial with you yesterday and she was so much more upbeat coming out than when she came in. She has been told this week that she should only consider sitting the foundation paper which really knocked her confidence and made her feel very deflated. She came out yesterday saying she wanted to sit the higher paper and work towards a 6!! She does have a lot of work to do but a positive attitude and a willingness to try does go a long way!!

S. G-M.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  November 2018  

 It was lovely listening to my daughter learn with you last week! It was such a lovely calm environment and she has said she really enjoys learning with you.

E. M.  –  Maths  (KS1)  –  November 2018  

 Thank you for the work you have done with my daughter, her confidence is already improving which is evident in her maths results.

D. H.  –  Maths  (KS3)  –  July 2018  

 My son said he felt he learned a lot on Friday which is great to hear.

M.  –  English  (KS2)  –  May 2018  

 I don't know how you do it – but you get me to see it!

A. H.  –  Maths  (Functional Skills)  –  May 2018  

 You have been an amazing teacher and I can't thank you enough for the help and encouragement you have given my son. I know he genuinely enjoys his time with you and he is much more confident than he was at the beginning.

K. T.  –  Maths, Physics, Chemistry  (GCSE)  –  May 2018  

 We are so pleased with the way our daughter seems to be taking on what you are teaching. She came out of her maths exam this week smiling!

C. C.  –  Maths  (KS3)  –  March 2018  

 I've been accepted into both schools with academic scholarships in both. Now I just have to decide which one to go to. Thank you for teaching me.

A. A.  –  Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths, English  ( 11+)  –  March 2018  

 Thank you for all your time this summer. I think it has helped to keep them ticking over.

T. B.  –  Phonics and Maths  (KS1)  –  August 2017  

 I got an A! which I am so happy about. Thank you so much for all or your help – I always looked forward to our sessions.

A. I.  –  Physics  (A-Level)  –  May 2017  

 You're lovely: not at all scary.

A. A.  –  Physics  (A-Level)  –  February 2017  

 I got a grade 7 in maths! This wouldn't have been possible without your help.

A. M.  –  Physics  (IGCSE)  –  October 2016  

 The maths paper went really well. A lot of the things which we practiced came up.

A. L.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  October 2016  

 My son went to Debra for tuition for AS level maths with mechanics. She was patient and kind and explained things in a helpful and clear way. Debra is very calm and helping your child succeed is her priority.

R. W.  –  Maths  (A-Level)  –  September 2016  

 My daughter is currently having private maths tuition with Debra. I feel her maths has really come on and she understands different ways of doing sums etc. with Debra's help that she wasn't grasping at school. Debra is patient and understanding. Due to her relaxed methods of teaching and being able to break down complicated methods to a more user friendly and manageable way, my daughter feels more confident with her maths.

S. P.  –  Maths  (KS3)  –  September 2016  

 I would highly recommend Debra as a tutor as she makes her lessons engaging and fun as well as very informative, explaining everything very thoroughly. She is incredibly patient and manages to instil a want to learn more. My daughter absolutely loves her lessons with Debra and always looks forward to them, then comes out enthusiastically telling me about what she has done.

D. B.  –  Science  (GCSE)  –  September 2016  

 In the short time that I have been tutored by Debra, I have seen an improvement in the way I present my answers, demonstrating the art of writing in ‘mathematical truths’, showing step by step how I have arrived at my answer. This approach has made me reflect and calculate in a much more considered, deliberate manner and in so doing has reduced the number of small but important errors made, that cost valuable marks in any assessment. Debra has brought ‘Maths to life’ for someone who dreaded mathematics and believed he simply ‘could not do any Maths’. I now feel more confident and assertive in completing mathematical problems or challenges. I really look forward to my maths tutoring session and am always made to feel welcome by such a professional, interested and friendly lady. Debra has true patience, and there is no such question as a silly question when it comes to Mathematics. Debra's use of shapes and beads in helping me grasp the basics – the true mechanics of maths, for example: thousands, hundreds tens… is really ingenious, creative and has led to a true understanding. Debra really understands the complexities of learning difficulties, such as how dyslexia manifests itself in mathematics e.g. visualisation skills and ordering of thoughts and answers. Every session has been really hard work. (Debra ensures that there is a full session's work that both of us complete; but I have always learnt so much and no longer fear the challenges but, simply wish to practice, practice and learn more.) Debra has provided positive encouragement when I have hit a difficult topic or at times have been despondent when not ‘getting it right first time’. Debra's mathematical and statistical knowledge as evidenced in her professional careers means she is able to relate theory to practice and real life examples.

A. M.  –  Maths  (GCSE)  –  April 2016  

 Thank you very much for your time yesterday. My son came home and said he enjoyed it.

J. S.  –  Maths  (KS2)  –  July 2016  

 My Grandson had a difficult time with maths all through his schooling, lost his confidence and thought he would never do maths again until he got a place at the University of his first choice. For this he needed his Maths! I had heard about Debra and fortunately she was able to take my grandson on, which she did with care and attention. Over the weeks he gained enough confidence to take his exam. We are still waiting for the results but are very hopeful. I am really so grateful to Debra for helping my grandson… who thought Debra was lovely. My Grandson has said that Debra has changed his mind about learning. He used to think that if you didn’t know something, you couldn’t learn/do it. She has opened his eyes to a new way of learning.

C. W.  –  Maths  (Functional Skills)  –  July 2016  

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